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Is it possible to place an order without an account?

No, we cannot take guest orders at this time. You must have a Frontier account to place an order.

How can I create an account?

If you don't have an existing account, you can create a Frontier account here.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods: PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express – both Credit and Debit Cards. We don't accept payments via money order, check, or cash. We also can't process partial payments.

What if I need to change my shipping address?

If you need to update your shipping address after checkout, you can still change it while the order is in fulfilment. If you have entered an incorrect address, in some cases the local post can still complete the delivery depending on the address error. If your parcel is undeliverable, it will be sent back to our facilities, at which point we will refund you the product(s) price(s) – shipping costs are not refunded. You will need to submit a new order.
As soon as your order is dispatched, we can’t change any information and do not take responsibility if the order is lost.

What happens if my package wasn't delivered, but the tracking states it was?

Unfortunately, we can’t help if the carrier marked the package as delivered but you can’t find it anywhere.
We advise you to reach out to the carrier and ask for additional information about the delivery. If you’re not able to locate the package, then submit a claim to the carrier stating the current issue.

If you encounter any error in the site:

If you experience an error while browsing the store, try clearing your cache and cookies, and refreshing the page. Additionally, we suggest temporarily disabling any browser add-ons you may have running as they can interfere with the website. Please contact us if you still have difficulties with the site after trying the suggestions above.

How can I contact Frontier if I have additional questions?

If your question wasn't answered, please contact us for more information by submitting a ticket here.

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